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February 23


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Hello friends and people of DA, :iconwhite-eagless: here,


I have given some thought into a contest and I believe this may work and can provide different views from each of you. Thanks to a help of a friend, this wouldn’t be happening quite yet and not as organised - thanks ^^


The theme is: HEALING!

So you are possibly wondering what I am getting at right. Well, think about these:

--> Are you healing someone?

--> Is something wounded healing e.g. A tree after a storm that has been set alight from lighting?

--> Is someone healing you?

--> Are you and a friend healing each other?

--> Is there something you do to heal yourself e.g. Play music or dance etc.

--> Have you had a traumatic past and you are healing from that?

--> Lost someone dear and healing from there loss.


I will do a short example for a literature healing:


Something in me urges to fight the dark that is swallowing me.

I turn around in circles, longing to be free.

This curse that has been placed upon my heart.

I want to fight it but it tears me apart.




I see nothing but darkness, for years of my life.

The nightmares mocks me, causing hurt and strife.

But one day, I broke through the spell.

And past darkness a little light of hope fell.




My soul lifted and I ran forward towards this light.

Straining, I raised my hand and peace fell in sight.

I can smile not, no longer having to scream.

This nightmare turned to a saving dream.



This can be continued into greater depth, but you get the point. The nightmares keep haunting the writer but the write finds light and heals. Don’t worry if you can't rhyme, it doesn’t have to. But know that you must show emotion of healing.


There are many ways to show healing, whether it shows you recovering or something else recovering. There are SO many ways this can be taken, so use your imagination and create something!!!


This is a contest that is for both writers and traditional artists. Photos and photo manips are also allowed, though they must show the healing winding through the picture.



  1. There is a maximum submission of 2 per artist. This can be 2 poems, 1 poem and a drawing, or 2 drawings. You can do one, though if you are seriously skilled, then do another one!!

  2. The deadline will be 30th April, 2014, 12:00Pm. please negotiate through notes if you want this date extended.

  3. I understand that some people are still at school or studying at Uni etc. but please, don’t do this contest unless you have time, I don’t want people getting behind on grade because of me.

  4. There must not be mature or sexual themes, sorry to those older people who think…. Yeah is healing but not in this contest. Please bear this in mind.

  5. I have noticed in other contests I have run that at least one person goes through the artworks of those done and downgrades the quality of them. I will not accept this thanks. Everyone is at equal hand here and if I find out any of this has happened, you will be immediately disqualified.

  6. Please note me the ended piece so I can enter it into a folder for this contest. If it is not noted, it will not be submitted.

  7. You will be judged by myself and by one of my friends who is not on DA, her name being Rachell.

  8. There is 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for all contestants. Please keep in mind that is you submit 2 pieces, the maximum that will be considered is one piece (you cannot win 1st and 2nd etc.)

  9. If you want to participate, your place will be accepted once you pass on this journal and show me you have done so. e.g. if I wanted to participate, I would have to copy and paste this on my journal and submit it, and then I have a place in the comp. (this is to get as many people as possible to enter)

  10. HAVE FUN!!


Now, for the prizes:


1st place: 70 :points: and a free art piece and poem from myself.

2nd place: 30 :points: and a free poem from myself.

3rd place: a free poem OR art piece from myself.


If you have any questions or queries, please let me know. I will update the journal with the amounts of points and what people have submitted for the competition. I will also make journals if things are not going as planned and to also remind you of times.


This is all for now, I hope you will participate and just remember, have fun and use your imagination, okay?


Here are the contestants and their pieces:


Mend me
I find I'm slowly losing it
after the bullet hit
I can't gain a footing or a hold
Life is so damn cold
my heart's been broken
I feel like I'm choking
life itself is gaging me
no one but me can see
I'm spiraling into the darkness
swallowed up by sadness
I can't get a simple breath
I think I'm falling to my death
what more do you want
it's the gunshot that haunts
it's not you it's me
I can't set myself free
I feel locked in a cage
and life's just up on the stage
doing those nasty tricks
in the end it's nothing that can be fixed
I can't laugh, I can't smile
I feel like I'm on my own trail
will I lose myself or gain me back
but there's something that I lack
is it comfort or is it fear
it's not easy to shed a tear
when I'm the leader I have to be strong
nothing can ever go wrong
but I know the truth in my heart
it's exactly what's tearing me apart
I've fallen from my perch
but something keeps me on my search
is it the light that had faded far away?
or is it the dawn of a new day?
slowly hea


we would laughimagine being hugged while you press up against someones' chest that you feel safe with. your best friend. someone that would cry with you and rest their head against yours and wrap around you like a favorite quilt that was tented over you and squeezed and caressed you like it understood your sorrow. and when i tried to speak , my voice would crack with the agony i felt along with you. and as my tears ran down and mingled with yours, the river they formed would wash away the memory of the hurt and we would begin to laugh at the wetness. the love was all you needed to remember. the hurt was temporary, but the love was forever.


Heal me
Inside he roamed around
all his anger to me it found
He's broken my soul
my happiness he stole
it is easy to say I give in
when the chances of winning are thin
Surrounded by darkness and despair
my soul now caught in a deadly snare
with my one man army I fought the inner war
I dropped to my knees, I couldn't take anymore
you came to me with a simple "hello"
though my pain I didn't show
You knew from the start
you took my hand and healed my heart
it wasn't easy to say the least
for you to tame this ungodly beast
but in the end I faced my fear
my foggy perception became clear
you stood strong and held on
until the fight was long gone
my soul now shattered like broken glass
you told me "the pain will soon surpass
time is all healing needs
we'll see where the future leads
for now we'll walk side by side
and weather life's deadly tide
in the end you'll see
you never really needed me
you had the strength but you never knew
I was just here to show you do"
like the ocean shore scarred by footp


FixingIt's broken
Once more
It needs
But I
I can't
Do it myself
I need
Someone else
To help me
A friend?
But I have none
A doctor?
But I don't trust them
Doesn't it
Heal everything?
Then maybe
It can fix
My broken soul


TragedyTragedy befalls you
There is nothing you can do
Everything comes crashing down
In despair you begin to drown
They all have gone away
Left you in a broken mass to lay
The mirror of your perfect life
Was shattered by greatest strife
The reflection of your soul
Is cracked and no longer whole
Shards of glass silently fall
Glittering in the blackest hall
Each beautiful piece as a thorn
Ripping into your heart, forlorn
Tears of hopelessness flow, crystalline
Chasing after any drop of morphine
Anything to take the pain away
As you cry to the sky kyrie
Praying for anyone to come
And stop the pendulum
That ticks off each moment
To the end of your lament
Depression drags you down
You are about to drown
I finally break free
From the chains that tied me
I reach out my hand
And help you stand
I pick up the shattered pieces
From all the little crevasses
I help you repair
And solemnly swear
These pieces will stay together
Just as we are, forever


Looking out my windowLooking out my window
There's this shadow 
I turn around 
And I find you
Standing there
You tell me "Shed no tears"
Looking out my window
I can't help but to wonder
About the pieces that shattered
Of my reflection
Slowly healing
The help of your touch
Put them back together
Looking out my window
There's this part of me 
Getting stronger in faith
No more losing hope
Shadows will hide
Your light will shine down
Looking out my window
My dreams still remain
Just have pain
But I know my dreams will follow
Once my nightmare is gone 
My fears won't get the best of me, not anymore
Looking out my window
Watching for a sign
Of a promise that is kept
Words that cut me in half
But made who I am
Sometimes I need you here 
Looking out my window
The shadow leaves
But I know she's still here
Because not one memory
Of her will not be forgotten 
Her smile will shine down


Healed by the PastRemember the park?
The day we met?
When the sun
Shined brightest,
When the sky
Gleamed bluest,
The day we met?
Your eyes
Matched the sky,
Your hair
Matched the sun...
What happened?
Your electric blue eyes
Are as pale
As your grayed skin,
Your golden bright hair
Is all matted
Like natural dreadlocks,
Your pale skin
Represented by the white marks
Of the attempts you've taken
To leave me
Because admitting
You've stopped trying
Is too much
You say it's because
Of me, my actions
And our arguments begin
When I explain
I do what I do
Because of you
And your loss of hope
The pain of blades
Feels better
Than the thoughts
Of living without you
These bottles
Hold a peaceful life
Full of your beautiful face
As I'm guided
Into dreams
Of the past
Full of our future
When did that go wrong?
You've chained yourself
To the present
Never remembering
A beautiful past,
Or a hopeful future
You wanted love
That wasn't the height
Of what I could give,
And so you had others
You stopped trying

Healed by the SerpentSo I've heard
That a dream consisting
Of an animal
That represents
Is a sign that tells
You're healing

That's how she began
Her letter
To that therapist
The young girl
Suffering from depression
Whose dreams
Have been filled
With the deadly serpents
I believe since
I've been seeing them
When my eyes are closed
I must be getting better,
So I no longer need you
I'll let the serpents take me

She signed her name,
Signed, Serenea
She left the letter
Under the door
Of the woman's office
Never to be seen
The King Cobra
Dances atop the soil
Inching towards her
Recoiling back,
But slowly,
Pulling back,
But readily...
It snaps forward
Snatching her wrist,
Leaving perfect,
Slices across her arm...

Wake up!
Your appointment
Is in an hour!"
Her mother yelled for her
From the stairs below
The young girl
Awoke in surprise
Fearing her mother
Would be coming upstairs,
She quickly reached
For h


Post-War RejuvenationThe Earth is scarred
From a war of immortals -
A war between four gods:
Fire, water, earth, and air.
Four quadants
Of the Earth,
Plagued with the
Elements of immortal fury.
To the north,
A fiery hell,
Charring all who risk
Setting foot in its hells.
To the east,
A vast, kingdomless ocean,
As deep as the Earth,
Pulling those who enter into its depth.
To the south,
An empty, green, lush forest,
As dark as it is light,
Dragging in victims for food.
To the west,
A moon-sized chasm below the clouds,
Weary adventurers tumbling,
Tumbling off its steep cliffs.
The war is long gone,
But little has returned...
The gods are gone,
None are left to restore...
But the Earth will recover,
In the decades of millennia to come.
The Earth will rejuvenate,
Not to be messed with again.



~White Eagless.

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